Watching Movie : Learn the Real English Accent

Watching movie in English learning process must be very fun. Expert said that to learn real English accent is through watching movie.

Maybe watching movie is not the only thing but it is the most effective way to learn real English accent.

It is because we watch and see how the actor shape their face when they express something.

Also we can learn how they pronounce and making intonation in English sound.

It is good to watch the movie while imitating the actor. It will train your tongue to have an English sound.

Why watching movie?

Because it is the fastest way to hear real voice of foreigner. The great way to learn real voice accent is trough the origin.

But if you have a problem with distance or money, you can simply get it from English movie.

It is easy, cheap and simplest way. Nevertheless, This learning method have a big impact in your pronunciation and intonation.

A lot of people has succeeded through this method.

At first glance, learning English will seem more difficult than all the available skills.

But if we refer to people who are experts in English, we will find testimonials that English is easy.

Watching Movie is Contextual Learning

Before going to explanation, we have to know about theory at first.

Context is actual English learning

Content is learning English through writing, books etc.

Content is the outdated learning method but Context is the fresh English learning method.

And not only that, Learning English using contextual method is proven to produce results. By now, The proven method is through listening movie or audio.

So don’t use outdated method anymore if you want to have a good final outcome in your English.

Maybe you asked,

What and how is learning with content and context?

Learning english with many book and only stuck at structure is learning through content.

Avoid that.

Contextual learning is learning with real English. There are so many parts of Contextual learning but watching English movie is more powerful.

This method will revolutionize your English Accent and Pronunciation

Why watching?



Learning one’s language means learning one’s culture. So you have to learn language’s culture.

How to learn language culture?

It is easy.

Just watch carefully how they talk.

If you can’t find foreigner around you and not having money and time to go abroad, You can simply watch English movie. Done.

It is that simple.

There are many types of contextual learning but watching English film is the most effective and most favorite way for English learners.

Fluency and Intonation in speaking English is a hope of most learners but now this is no longer a hollow hope.

Yuph! Only by watching. Speaking English skills are the easiest skills to learn. Because you just simply sit in the room and start watching English movies.

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