Speaking English : 8 Secret Life Hacks to Master English

Today, I would like to share some ways about tips and tricks Which I called it as a best secret or a shortcut in speaking English fluently.

Speaking fluent English ! How to Master it ?

Nowadays, English skill is the need to stand strong and excel in fierce competition. Hence, speaking English which used in daily conversation.

English grows structurally and methodically. As a result, Not only the language patterns have changed, but also the learning method has gradually improved.

Expert says that the method of learning English should be updated so the learner can enjoy the learning process.

If we use the old method to learn or teaching students, it will slow down learning process.

In speaking English, we need other things besides its lesson, it is a method.

There are so many methods that are scattered outside there but it is only few of them that are truly good.

Fluent in speaking English is part of a skill. A skill is something that we need to practice, practice and practice.

Therefore, Beside its lesson and method, fluent in speaking english is only myth if only stuck learning from a text book.

What is the solution ?

We only have solution for this. We have to find a great method that consume less cost and less effort with maximum result.

As what I mentioned above that practicing is the best method to learn one’s language.


How to practice?


What should I practice?

Then the only thing you should do is


The best practice in speaking English is repetition. To always repeat practicing Speaking English is a must. No Exception.

Practicing means to repeat one’s activity repeatedly. whether it’s through songs or watching it.

So don’t ever make an excuse to dodge ourselves from practicing.

Then, another problem arises

The problem is,,,

If we just repeat the practicing traditionally is a very boring thing.

Other problem is,,,

It is not an easy thing to practice speaking English all the time, Especially for home-based person.

Even more, we don’t know what exactly we should be doing which can bring progress.

As a result, These are the secret life hacks in speaking English

Here we go :

Listen More !

Listening The Most Important Part In Learning English

The first thing to do when learning english is LISTENING.

Listening to what?

To everything what we like. Maybe listening a music or to an English article. Then, we will enjoy listening.

Maybe someone ask,,

What is the relation between Listening and Speaking english?

The answer is it is related and connected one another. On the other hand, Learn to speak english without listening will take a very long process.

When you learn english, you have to learn from ears not your eyes.

It means that if you want to speak english in a fast way, then you have to listen more, not reading a text book.

Therefore, it is what makes all baby in the world learn to talk starting from listening through their parent and environment.


The term above refers to the fact that babies learn how to communicate through listening to the conversation of both parents.

So if you want to have a big impact in your learning process, you have to listen more.

Listen and Respond

Listen and Respond

In this part, you need to have some learning media, it is like a conversational audio or video.

You can also use a News anchor video like VOA, BBC, etc.

Through those learning media, you need to watch and listen carefully. You need to understand those.

At last, you need to respond from what you have just listened. You have to explain what you have listened.

To know the result of your respond, it is better to record it while you respond.

Listen and respond method is a great method that everybody can use. It trains our understanding in English.

So when you often listen to respond to what you hear, that’s the best way to introduce our jaws and vita to the new language we are learning.

Let’s move on.

Watching an English Movie

Watching Movie Learn the Real English Accent


Are you kidding me?

No, I am totally serious.

Watching an English movie can improve our English skill. Both speaking and pronunciation.

I often give a lesson to every students of mine to always watch English films.

So they would get a taste of dialect and intonation that fits just like the native speaker.

This method is somewhat different from the methods above. Because, those two method is to improve our listening and our ideas in speaking, while this method is a way for us learners to get dialect (pronunciation) and intonation naturally.

Then what are you waiting for?

After reading this, you can watch as many English films as possible. The details about it can be found here.

Record and Listen

Record and Listen Way to Know Our Speaking Progress

The next step to master speaking english is through Record and Listen. This method is to ensure Pronunciation and intonation that we use.

This method will automatically check the quality of our sound.

Is it right or not.

For great result you have to repeat several times and record as often as possible and listen.

After that, create our record label from beginning to end to find out the results of our recordings.

You will find the results of different English quality between recordings to one another.

In the other hand, you will definitely find amazing progress on the number method and listen to this.

So it is the best way to know the improvement of your pronunciation.

Why Pronunciation?

Is it important?

Good Question.

Pronunciation is the important thing in speaking English. It is because to speak English with good pronunciation and right intonation would make our English more natural.

Have a nice try!

Never Hesitate to Practice

English Practice How to do Meaningful Practice – Proven

The next method is to practice more. The Only way to have a fluent English speaking is through practicing.


It is like the ancient proverb:

Practice makes perfect

What if I find a person has a willingness to speak english but with less effort and less practice.

We can’t judge them lazy or something like that. Maybe, the environment or that person has no idea where to practice.

It is also hard to find a person to practice English.

However, we need a partner to practice our english. It is faster that practicing english without partner.

So what if I don’t have a partner?

It is still possible. Instead, You will need more time than what is needed.

Then, When you already have a partner, Don’t be shy to greet him and make an English conversation with them.

Shame is the biggest problem in learning english.

To counter that, We only need imagine the outcome of our effort; it is Fluency in english.

When we do that, I guarantee that ‘shame’ would disappear slowly.

Thus, When you have no place or no one to practice, it is better to join a community or an organization that would boost your English.

Toastmaster is the organisation that you can join. Hence, there are so many organisations or communities outside there.

It means that there’s no more excuse to not find those.

So when you already have a big willingness, you will soon find a right path.

Learn Phrases, Not A Single Word

Learn English Phrase Not Individual Word Or Vocabulary

In this Method, You will learn that phrases will make a big impact in your speaking. It is not a boring vocabulary.

When you learn phrase, you learn English much faster than learning an individual word.

Vocabulary is piece and in a sentence contains pieces. Phrase is a scheme or a pattern which it means that only one or two phrases in a sentence.

So if you learn phrase, means that you have learnt two to three words at once.

It is easier than learning it one by one.

Phrase is a grup of words that contain a pattern that is easy to remember. On the other hand, Vocabulary is a word that could slow us in memorizing words.

Learn Deeply, Speak Easily

Deep Learning : It’s Their Secret in learning English

You need to do something deeply if you want to pursue something. It applies in learning English.

The word deep means you have to do it repeatedly. You have to repeat what yo learnt again and again.

It is different when you learn English in school. School always give a pressure to a student to learn many things and fast.

So it is useless if you learn many things and fast without learning its deeply. You will forget what you have just learnt soon.

Then, What you should do is learning the lesson deeply until you really understand about the lesson.

At last, if you already understand one’s lesson deeply, you can move to study another topic.

For example,

The students learn about simple present. Next week, The teacher immediately move to next lesson according to the schedule in a curriculum.

At last, student will make mistake in grammar. It is because they don’t learn something deeply.

What makes it a problem?

The problem is, The student learn so many stuff in a short period of time. Then student will forget what they learnt.

Or maybe they remember the lesson but only just a basic idea. Then when they want to use it in a sentence, They find it difficult.

Listen and Repeat

Listen and Repeat

This listen and repeat method will absolutely give an impact to your pronunciation.

It will train and force your tongue to sound real English. Accuracy in pronunciation is the target in this exercise.

Instead, it is different from listen and respond that focuses on expanding ideas while talking.

It is different from record and listen that focuses on the real time process when practicing English.

Then, Listen and repeat focus on laryngeal, tongue and jaw exercises. This exercise is not difficult if it is done diligently and seriously.

Those are several secret lief hacks to easily mastering english. Especially speaking english.

Speaking english is a skill. In the meantime, skill is not something to memorize or read. It is something that we have to train, train and train.

We have to enjoy doing it repeatedly and consistently practicing.

So having the fluency in speaking English is the outcome from several process you did.

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