Record and Listen : 5 Great Way to Know Our Speaking Progress

What is Record and Listen Method?

Record and Listen is one of the English learning method that will improve Pronunciation and intonation that we use.

It is the important method because the learner will know their learning progress.

Have studied English in long period of time but do not know the results.

No one wants to hear you speak English?

Yes, certainly no one will. because that would waste their time.

Then how to find out the quality of your own English ?. Even without needing help from others to listen to your English?

If you have never heard your own voice speaking English before, then after this it is mandatory for you to speak and listen to your English voice.


Because afterwards you will know the quality of your voice that other people hear when you speak English.

In addition you will find improvements in the quality of your English. You will not know the development of your English.

If it is likened that we grow and become adult but we will never feel our growth process becoming an adult,

because for us, we is we.

Likewise with English, we will never learn the development of English during our learning.

The only way you can find out your English learning progress is to record and listen. It is by recording yourself speaking English.

Record and listen is a good method and effective as well in improving our skills in English.

This is the way to use this method to make our English fluent.


Prepare in advance what topics you will talk about.

Also prepare a recorder.

We can also record through our phone.


If you have prepared everything, then start talking and recording yourself.

During the recording, try to use the English accent and use the correct pronunciation.

At the beginning it will look difficult. But that’s the process. Everything will look difficult at first.


After you make a recording, your job now is to play your recording and you listen carefully. Is your voice approaching like a native speaker or not.

If not, don’t give up and keep trying

If so, do not stop and be consistent in training.


Don’t ever discard or delete your voice recordings. all you have to do next is save your recording. give a date for each recording.


Then once a month, check your recordings again in the previous month and the previous month again.

Are there any changes?

Do you see a development in your English without you knowing it.

Yup! this is the way how these tips work. you will never be aware of your English skills from time to time.

This way of record and listen unconsciously will make you aware of your language development and practice your abilities in fluency and accuracy.

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