Listening : The Most Important Part In Learning English

Is Listening Plays an Important Role In Learning English?

The Answer is YES. Listening is the most important part in learning English. So if you are english learner, you have to practice listening more.

To master speaking English, we have to learn and do the process.

Talking about the process, There are several method in english learning process and yes Listening is the most important one.

Why listening?

Expert says that we have to learn English as a baby. So we have to imitate what babies did in learning how to speak.

Learn English As a Baby

Expert agreed that learning English through listening as a first move is a good decision.

English listening will make our learning process faster that we expect.

So, to make this not only as a theory, Let’s we talk about what exactly we should listen.


What should we listen?

Don’t go anywhere, because I am going to talk about the list of thing to what to listen.

Listen to music

It can’t be denied that music can make us relax. So you must know what will happen if we can relax in learning.

In the mean time, people feel stressed and dizzy in the learning process.


What if you can learn English calmly and relaxed?

Of course it has its own advantages.

Here we go!

Are there any music activists?

Or are you happy if music can help your English ?

Do you enjoy listening to music?

If the answer is Yes,

well, then, good news. Because the habit already exists.

So you just need to develop it in the right way that will be explained in detail in this part.

The research confirm that listen to music when learning English will make a learner more diligent and more enthusiastic in the learning process.

So giving student a music as a lesson is a smart decision. It is because student will enjoy the learning process.

From music, we can get multiple benefit from songs;

  • Pronunciation. When the teacher asks the student to follow the song, it means that the student learn about the pronunciation. Unconsciously, The student learn about pronunciation with relax.
  • Vocabulary. It will automatically improve your vocabulary from the lyric
  • Grammar. The structure of the lyric will form your English when you talk.

The following are some ways that you can improve your English through learning English with songs:

  • Choose a song that can be played with a pleasant tone and easy lyrics to hear clearly. Highly recommended songs that have never been heard before.
  • Try to listen the song by not seeing the song lyrics. Then try to find out the song lyrics and point of the song. Try to understand the song by not seeing the text for the first time. Is the song about love or about motivation? Try to understand it by not looking at the lyrics.
  • After that, you can hear the song again, which is fully translated to make sure you understand or not.
  • Then you search on google and type in the title of the song search. found the point of the song. If you don’t know vocabulary you should be able to search the meaning directly in the dictionary.
  • Listen to the song again and listen to the lyrics together. Are your guesses about the song’s right?
  • Listen to the song several times as you read the lyrics. Then, after you have memorized the song, you can start singing along with the song whenever the song is playing.
  • Remember, The intent of this method is to find the taste in pronunciation, grammar and vocabulary. At last, our English will be fluent naturally.

Listen to English Audio

We can also learn listening English through audio. You can freely choose audio you like. The method listen to music above take place in your grammar, pronunciation and vocabulary.

But in this section, you purely learn listening. You will improve your listening skill. In the mean time, You will home your ability in IELTS listening also in TOEFL Listening.

To listen immediately to the audio that played foreign audio is the effective listening practice. It is not only for the video, You can also listen video that played English sound.

For the step almost the same as the method above; listen to music. Hope it is help you in your listening skill as well as your listening comprehension.

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