Listen and Respond : 3 Luxurious Rule to Stimulate your Speaking

What is Listen and Respond ?

Listen and Respond is the most effective way in stimulating our English, especially in practicing English.

Listening to English audio and making a response from what you hear will speed up you learning process.

In the other hand, forgetting this method would slow and harm your learning process. At last Some of learners give up learning.

Before going to explanation, Let me ask you several question:

Is English hard to understand and to practice?

Is your lesson at school hard to understand?

Do you confuse with bunch of text book?

If the answer is yes,

Then you need to practice using this method to your learning process.

Why do we learn english?

The answer is one.

Because English is most spoken language in the world.

Through this method, we instinctively provoke our brains to respond to things we heard before.

Then, Someone asked

What if I listed and repeat what I listen?

It is good as well as perfect learning method.

But listen and repeat method is not for speaking stimulation, it is perfect in pronunciation.

So that method is not good enough in Speaking skill.

Listen and Respond is the way of us to train the learner in speaking English faster. Several student felt hard practicing listen and respond’s method.

But it’s only a matter of time, After that learners will soon get used to the method and will slowly achieve the goals of this method.

The era moves so fast, therefore we have to adjust with ours. then, don’t ever use the old method which is monotonous and too fixated with books.

So, there are ways that are more effective and proven with listen and respond’s method:


Look for English audio whose contents are the conversations of native speakers. It is better if you have English audio based on the speed of the speech.

It starts from the audio that he speaks slowly, medium and fast.


Then if you don’t understand then you have you hear it carefully.

If you still don’t understand what you just heard. Try to look at the text of the audio.


Then if you have understood it, try to give a response from the article. If the article has questions, then answer it.

like articles with discomfort, then respond it. If the article is about opinions, then also give your opinion.

Do this over and over again. Everything will be perfect with repetition as we have discussed in another article.

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