Listen and Repeat : 4 Important Secret For Your Accent

What is Listen and Repeat ?

Listen and Repeat would help Many learners felt hard in learning and mastering pronunciation and taste true accent.

So what is the benefit in learning through this method?

It will improve you ability in your pronunciation.

This method will make your tongue will be more flexible and get more supple.

Then someone asked,

Is it that hard?

Is that complicated?

I see people who have spent years studying English with unwanted results that they planned.

However, there are also ways to succeed in speaking English fluently even in a matter of months. Or even less than 6 months.

It all returns to the method the learner uses. The method they used will have an impact on the learning process itself. It could even have an impact on the results themselves.

It could be faster or slower.

Then what is the process that I have to pass to master the pronunciation and speak fluently?

Until now the way to Listen and repeat is the most effective way of developing English Pronunciation and intonation. The ability to speak English at this time is not a secret anymore.

Even now learning English can be done online. But all of that goes back to the learners themselves.

Why should I repeat ? Why not Responding it?

Listen and Respond is not good enough for Pronunciation and accent but it is good for speaking stimulation.


What should I do to master the pronunciation and be fluent in the pronunciation?

How to do Listen and Repeat’s method?

Easy. It is steps to do listen and repeat for your pronunciation and intonation.


You prepare an English-language article that you like. But the article that must be prepared here is an article that also has an audio version available.


Then listen to the audio that has been prepared before several times.


Then play the audio again and stop it at each point according to the text. While the audio is being stopped, then your job is to follow / imitate the audio sound you heard earlier.


While listening and repeat this, at your best, try your tongue, vocal cords and jaw to be as fluent as possible in the pronunciation with the correct accent and intonation.

It will be difficult at the beginning. As long as you don’t give up, you will surely find your final result.

The process of listen and repeat is a process in which our brain stimulates new activities that occur in our mouths.

At the same time, our brain will adjust our new habits if we are active and often do it. The point is to never stop practicing.

Except listen and repeat, Listen and respond will give you big impact as well. So all you have to do is to never stop learning.

You also have to do the real practice and do the deep learning. Finally you will get and reach at your best point in speaking English.

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