Learn English Phrase Not Individual Word Or Vocabulary

To master real English and able to communicate well with a foreigner, we should learn English phrase. Leave outdated habit and start with a new one.

What is that new thing?

It learning phrase.

Yes, that is it.

So a phrase is a set of words, but word or vocabulary is just one. you can have an entire sentence, if you combine those words together.

So for example, say, you have the word “work”, and you want this new word. You want to know the meaning of the word, simply translate the word “work”, and then you will find the meaning in your dictionary and then you will memorize it.

Work, work, work.

That’s the old way, that’s the type of textbook, the school way.

Nevertheless, At school you might remember a lot of individual words. You have that big word list, you try to memorize them all, try to remember all the single words. That is not a good way to do the process.

So, What should I do? How To learn English phrases

Here it is.

It is better if you learn phrases, sets of words. And where did you find this phrase? You find these types of phrases in English podcasts that you can listen to, in English story books that you read.

So you don’t memorize the list in the book.

Don’t do that. It is a waste of time.

All you need to do is you listen to native English and compile you hear a new word, then you speak.

Or your compilation reads a storybook and you see a new word, you translate it. But don’t just translate the word, you want to translate all the phrases or sentences in it. All of them.

So instead of saying “work”, and you only translate “work”, you will translate “Jenny works all day”. You translate entire phrases.

Why do we do this?

What is the power of the phrase?

Now, phrases give you lots of information, huge information.

Finally you will find your speaking English improve quickly.

Things to know when you learn English phrase

English phrases and why is it a must to learn

Phrases are easier to understand, because they have meaning, they have several images, stories, most of the compilation you get from something you read or listen to.

You will remember it.

“Jenny works all day”. You remember the whole story, you remember who Jenny is, you remember she works and then you remember she all day working.


So, you have all this additional information, all this additional information helps you remember the meaning of the phrase and the meaning of the word. So this helps your memory. Much easier to understand.

Additional Reason

There is a bonus. When you study phrases, you also learn grammar.

Yes, it is true.

How can it be?

It it because,,,

You don’t just use one word, you learn grammar, you learn how to use that word correctly. You don’t need to discuss grammar.

finally you don’t need to know the rules. This is automatic.

This is another way native speakers of English grammar, because our compilation of children, we learn English phrase. We learn groups of words, not just one word in each time.

So start learning phrases now.

Word by word is slow and doesn’t help, and you don’t learn any grammar. Unless you compile or combine the entire word, you translate the phrase, you get additional information.

At first, Maybe you don’t know the information, but you know then.

For example “Jenny works all day”. We have -s in the end: “work”, right?, Jenny works.

Well, maybe you know that form a grammar study, it is in Subject Verb Agreement.

But here You don’t need to consider that. Just write the phrase “Jenny works all day” and study it, and review it. Always learn phrases, not just those words.

So, in the future, every time you say “Jenny works all say”, “Jenny works all say”, you will then add S, in every third person in the sentence, right?.

Because it is the way you learn it. You learn it correctly. You learn it from phrases.

Don’t do this in your English learning

On the other hand, if you learn it from textbooks, you can only learn: the word “works” means “doing some job”. And you only learn that form, “work”, “work” , “work” , and you learn, you learn, you learn, you memorize.

When you start studying form textbook, you Start making mistakes, because you learn them only in this one way.

You will not learn it in other words, so sometimes you should say “Jenny works all day”. You will forget about S because of you, you have never learned it correctly in sentences as well as in phrases.

So, this is a very simple rule, our final rule in step. Very, very important: every time you find a new word, always, always write a phrase or sentence.

Then, you only have to prepare the whole phrase or sentence from the wrod you found. Never learn just words, always entire phrases. Do this every time.

Your grammar will start to improve. It will increase faster. And you will remember vocabulary faster and easier. And you will use vocabulary faster.

So you get lots of great benefits in speaking English. Many great things happen when you try to learn English phrase instead of words. So phrases, phrases, phrases.

Study them.


So it is your turn to learn English phrase. Stop doing outdated method and start with a new one.

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