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How to Practice English Perfectly ?

English practice is a must thing to do if you want to master speaking English and have a good accent.

Speaking English fluently and accurately is the goal of every English learners.

Many learners even use all methods to be able to accurately and fluently speak English. They willingly reach in their pocket just to master English.

Still, many of them wrongly practice to the thing they assume it is right.

However, learning accuracy and fluency in English is not obtained through the rules of English grammar or memorizing vocabulary.

It is because english is a skill, Not a knowledge.

So all you have to do is,,,


It not only for this language, but also but also applies to all types of skills.

So, what to practice and how to have perfect English practice ?

What we mean by practice here is not conversation which is . It’s not even a conversation using what you know.

Also, it’s not a conversation that you have remembered. Because all the exercises are just making you feel smooth, but not the real smooth and accurate in essence.

I do not deny the importance of English conversation.

However, the conversation will be in vain if it is not practiced with actual practice.

So don’t ever memorize the conversation from text book. It is not the real practice.

Still Confuse?

Explanation The real practice

So What should I do to have a real english practice?

Let me ask you a question

Have you ever played a musical instrument ?.

Or have you ever trained riding a motorcycle ?.

Or have you ever trained yourself in certain sports ?.

  • When you play a musical instrument, you will surely practice the song over and over again. Making mistakes in song notes or voice tones. The longer you practice, the longer you feel more comfortable, enjoy it, which then develops your ability to play the song.
  • When you learn to ride a motorcycle, you will definitely try it repeatedly. Sometimes you make mistakes when you learn to ride a motorcycle. Like falling from a motorbike, wrong stepping on a brake or gear and so on. The more often you ride a motorcycle, the better you are when you are on the road.
  • When you train yourself in a particular sport, you will definitely repeat the exercise over and over again. You will definitely try it until you feel comfortable. You will not stop until you arrive at your point of satisfaction. Even when you have reached your point of satisfaction, you will not stop to continue practicing for the sport you are working on.

Even when you have reached your point of satisfaction, you will not stop to continue to practice for the sport you are working on.

The practice of English really will not be difficult if done with the right knowledge and the right way.

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