Deep Learning : It’s Their Secret in learning English

What is Deep Learning And What exactly does it mean?

Many English learner complain that they have learnt English for years but still get nothing, Well, I can say it is a lack of deep learning.

What does it mean?

Well, deep learning ultimately means repeating what you are learning again and again and again, over and over again.

So this, again, is very different from the way you study in school. Unfortunately, most schools have a lot to run fast and fast learning

They always encourage students to study more vocabulary.. New grammar, new grammar and new grammar.

Every week, the students will face a new grammar. Every week lots of new words, right?. Because they read these textbooks and they try to finish the textbook very quickly.

So what is the matter?

Well, remember when students or maybe even you, learn a lot of things, but then you forget it, you forget what you got or learnr. Or maybe you can remember ideas but you can’t use it.

So, for example, all students who have learned English, learn the past tense, you learn the past tense, but you learn it in a textbook and then, surprise, very quickly, you go to next chapter and learn more grammar.

You learn possessive, you learn the future, you learn perfect now.

So, you keep going so fast which is making you never understand the past form. You don’t use the past, inside your sentence, like native speakers does.

That’s why you made mistakes with the past form, instead. You learn many years but you still make mistakes with the past form. That’s because you never mastered it, you never studied it deeply.

What Should I do then?

So you need to update and repeat everything you have learnt repeatedly.

That’s it.

For example,

A groups of students using this method, I would tell them: You receive the same set of lessons, the same group of lessons, the same topic, every day for two weeks.

Right. It’s the same lesson, maybe two or three lessons, you listen to the same lesson for one week or maybe two weeks.

The different is only a method; deep learning.

If it’s still difficult, then you can do it again, three weeks, four weeks. This is not a race. So don’t be sad of being slow in learning.

If you want everything you do really learned, then you never forget it, at last you can really use it. That’s deep learning.

So, if you have an audio article or English podcast, something that you can listen to, don’t just listen once.

Once is not enough.

Even, Five times is not enough.

You have to listen to it many times, you have to listen 30 times, 50 times, 70 times or even more.

Now, you can have several things or maybe you have two or three audio articles and every day you listen to them all, but then you repeat again, and you did it repeatedly.

You learn deeply. Meanwhile, after you know the word vocabulary, keep listening to the same thing. Because understanding vocabulary only means that you can take the test and say its meaning.

But on your listening skill, do you immediately understand it?

Can you use it quickly and easily, automatically?

If you answer no, you need to repeat again, you need to open the same words, phrases, sentences, articles, lessons, repeatedly. As many as possible.

This is one of the main secrets for speaking faster and really learning grammar correctly and using it accurately.

Another Example in deep learning

You listen to several stories in the past tense. Listen to the story again and again. one week, two weeks, and several weeks after.

Then another story in the past tense, one week to maybe three weeks. So come with another story in the past tense, one week to three weeks as well.

You just need more repetition and do it persistently, you have to study with deep learning. Focus on the most common verbs and words. It is the english deep learning.

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